A Cup of Tea, Chocolate and a Chat

These words inscribed on a plaque and graced our family entertainment unit for years. Dusting it often gave me time to memorise it and today the words flew from my memory without me having to look them up. Driving home from a friend’s place last night they popped into my head. Indeed what a gift the time spent over cup of tea, chocolate and chat is, was and will continue to be. An opportunity to catch up on each other’s lives to share joys, struggles and laughter.

I can look back and this particular friendship began somewhere between the Coffee Club on Margaret St and an eleven hour flight to Siem Reap. Whilst I cannot pinpoint the exact time or location, I do know it dwells within the heart, it certainly gives me a lift and is a precious gift from God, of that I am certain.

This one friendship represents many. Each one a gift, given and received.

Other gifts received include;

  • My preschool friends from Mrs McMicking and Miss McMackin’s class.
  • A school friend from another place who still writes to me each year for my birthday and for Christmas.
  • My high school friend who trusted me enough to be their firstborn’s godmother.
  • Banana Bash friends
  • Friends of friends who became friends
  • Work friends
  • TAFE friends
  • Antioch friends
  • Square Dancing and clogging friends
  • Accidental friends – those people whose paths have crossed mine and continue to do so in extraordinary ways.
  • Camp Te Ata friends around the world
  • Nature loving, Bush Turkey friends
  • Philippine friends spread near and far
  • DOLSH friends
  • Simple Living friends
  • New friends who have helped me settle into a new place and
  • Those who don’t come under any of these described groups

How abundantly blessed and eternally grateful I am.

So today I honour my friends, both near and far, those still here and those who new dwell in their heavenly home. Thank you! I couldn’t be who I am today without you, the gifts you have shared, your laughter, tears, stories and love.

C xo